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My Top 3 Kinks! I’m gonna break ‘em down this week. Anybody wanna pick the first one I discuss?

Thanks Arks arkhamsdiaperpail

Look how big he is! <3

I am a little


I am a little.

I love blanket forts and stuffed animals.

I love the sunshine and the smell of warm things.

I love the feeling of being protected.

I love the smell of crayons.

I love being able to call someone ‘Mommy or Daddy’.

I love watching children’s shows.

I love being able to find comfort in my thumb, Scruffy, Blanky and Mommy or Daddy.

I love coloring and picture books.

I love being a little.

Most importantly, I love being myself.





Everything wrong with Nursery Thymes.


I’ve tried to be very neutral about the two people I used to work for (can’t call two people in a one bedroom house a ‘business’), but following the fact they’ve just completely abandoned two of my friends, their own…

Update on this: Since we posted this, Nursery Thymes threatened us with legal action for ‘defamation of caraciture’ (their words, not mine haha), threatened to tell HMRC we had been paid cash, despite it being their responsibility, repeatedly harassed me for my personal details, started asking OTHER PEOPLE if they could give them my details, messaged people about Milly with bucketloads of bullshit concerning her, TOLD PEOPLE WHERE I LIVE, sorry I’ll just repeat that, TOLD PEOPLE WHERE I LIVE, then eventually gave up yesterday, making a post saying we weren’t worth it and won’t be seeking legal advice, because they obviously don’t have a leg to stand on.

They have caused us serious stress and anxiety, and this is the reality of what will happen if you get on the wrong side of them. I once again urge you to reblog this and avoid their nursery in order to prevent what happened to us happening to you.

And more: they’ve been messaging people who have reblogged this post (they threatened that their ‘solicitor’ would track you all down, LOL), leaving threatening voicemails on my phone and upsetting my friends who have nothing to do with this by saying they’re protecting me. Oh, and they’re telling people I’m a sex obsessed addict with a compulsive disorder?

Also disclosing my location, and making up some facts about they ‘cleaned up’ my self injury, when all they did was give me a cardigan so I could sit and watch Thunderbirds for an hour or two with a client.

It’s really immature, really. They’re just two sad little people with no jobs, they don’t go out much and feel that they need to demean others in order to make themselves look important.

Maxine and Derek; you’re illegally soliciting sex within your house (prostitution), you don’t claim tax on your earnings (fraud), you use Paypal for sexual oriented services (against their Acceptable Use Policy). And you think you can threaten us with defamation of a badly drawn cartoon character? (CHARACTER, NOT CARICATURE)?

Absolute bullshit.

Any of my ABDL/little followers over in the UK may wanna give this a good read-over… it’s really really sad that in a lifestyle where a lot of us are already very emotionally damaged, there are people out there looking to take advantage of/exploit those weaknesses for profit. Some of the things in here are really kind of appalling… o.o


i am in love with this teeny little time out chair oh my goodness bless


i am in love with this teeny little time out chair oh my goodness bless



Sorry if this offends anyone, I can only speak for my experiences.

So I started this blog because in some ways I felt out of place. At the time arkhamsdiaperpail was one of the few artists drawing spanked boys and I didn’t really see any Mommy-Dom/lil-boy blogs (I still don’t see many)….

So I&#8217;m dumb&#8230;

So I’m dumb…